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Dragonfly Clay Creations, Cornwall, Ontario Handmade Pottery, Bernadette Lapierre
Read about some history of pottery in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.

History of Pottery in Cornwall, Ontario – Dragonfly Clay Creations

My story begins with the search for the perfect coffee mug. It has been a delightful adventure! As my husband and I traveled the country over the past several years, I was on the lookout to find the next gift shop or café with hand-crafted coffee mugs for purchase. I was intrigued by the feel of the mug sitting in my hand, the decoration or glaze effect, the size, the handle, and the mug's shape. If all of the mug's qualities appealed to me, then it was a sign to support the artist and take it home!

This search turned into the curiosity of the process of making mugs and bowls with clay. I felt the urge to sign up for a "pottery on the wheel" class. Well, I quickly discovered that holding on to a mound of clay while the pottery wheel spins is not an easy task! It made me giggle when clay would unexpectedly fly off the wheel.

The messiness of working with wet or damp clay and the need to follow a process to achieve results forced me to slow down and focus on a single activity. From the practice of yoga, I have learned a few things which I apply to my craft of pottery:

Don’t forget to breathe.
Be patient.
Don't compare my practice to others.
Practice... Practice... Practice...
There is always more to learn. The fun part of pottery making is if you do make a mistake and you are not happy with your piece, you can just start over.

I love messing around with clay and being creative in my home studio. I often say "My granddaughters would laugh to see how messy I can get!
Bernadette Lapierre
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